15Jun 2018

The Property Obsession

June 15, 2018

It would seem never has so much been lost by so many in times of headline prosperity. What does that mean? We’re continually surprised about the inbuilt marketing characteristics of property as an investment strategy, even to people who have lost money on it. We repeatedly have people walk in our door who want to […]

10Jun 2018

Last week the Productivity Commission released a report into superannuation. No surprise, it didn’t paint the best picture. Suggesting the super industry was lacking competition and accountability, while many funds were still acting in their own best interests and not their members. It came with a few recommendations from the productivity commission to address the […]

09Jun 2018

For many years the ASX has been running a sharemarket game through schools which has encouraged high school students to get experience investing in the sharemarket. More recently, the game has spawned another version that runs along with the school game and is open to everyone. Running over the ‘long term’ of 12-15 weeks, all […]

18May 2018

Read a survey on financial advice and it’s estimated anywhere from 70% to 85% of people will never seek it. Yet from the small pool of people who have sought financial advice, 80-90% of those (depending on the survey) will acknowledge the advice they received was worthwhile and provided value. One of the more curious […]

13May 2018

We’ve all been concerned about recent news emanating from the Financial Services Royal Commission and the confidence of Australians to receive trustworthy, thoughtful and appropriate financial advice.  The appalling behaviour of many corporates and advisers has sometimes resulted in a devastating financial impact on investors. Sadly, we have witnessed several of these occurrences when assisting and […]